5 Things to Look for in an IT Partner Program

Every growth-oriented company and consultancy worth its salt recognizes forming strategic partnerships can be a great way to grow revenue without adding overhead. If you’re in the tech world, often that means joining a partner program offered by a managed services and infrastructure company like Codero to resell or build upon our products or simply refer clients.

The challenge is picking a program that will fit your needs and reward you fairly. You’re putting in work that can mean handsome revenues for your IT partner, so it’s only fair that the program be catered to your goals and needs.

Partner programs abound, but your mileage may vary. So how do you pick the right IT partner program for you? Here are five things to look for when choosing an IT partner program.

1.  No minimums

When you’re just ramping up a new company, it can be difficult to predict what your total sales or most lucrative client relationships will be. That’s why partner programs that demand you meet high thresholds of MRR or referrals each month may not end up benefiting you very much until your business is established and successful.

So if you’re looking for a partner program specifically to help you build your fledgling business or enter a new phase of high growth, it’s essential to choose a program that either has no monthly minimums or low minimums required to enjoy good commissions, business guidance, and the other benefits of partnership.

2. Flexibility to both refer and resell

Usually, when you’re joining an IT partner program, you’re asked to choose one of two paths: resale or referral. You have to decide upfront who will manage the client relationships, what services you’ll offer, and a host of other details that may limit your options as your client relationships and offerings evolve.

But there are partner programs (like Codero’s) that don’t make these demands. Find a program that approaches partnership as a flexible relationship, enabling you to both resell and refer, depending on the situation. That way, you can always make the best choices for your individual clients, evolve your offerings quickly, and offer custom packages with your partner’s full support.

3.  One-on-one guidance to help your business evolve with the market

Facilitating this highly flexible relationship means your partner will have to put in a little extra effort to accommodate your constantly changing needs. And that’s what you should expect from a partner – a high-touch, custom relationship, rather than a packaged and automated experience.

Look for a partner program that gives you one-on-one expert guidance, not only on their company’s products and services but on how to increase sales, enter new lines of business, and evolve with the market. As you’re vetting partner programs, reach out to the account managers or partner leads to find out who your day-to-day contact would be and get some examples of how they work with other companies. Ask to speak to references and read case studies to get a sense of how each program really operates when the rubber meets the road.

4.  Meaningful discounts

Money matters, and a good partner will value your contributions to their business and incentivize you appropriately. Typically, with any partner, discount percentages grow as you sell more products and services. But not all partner programs offer the same discounts or the same tiers.

You may think the biggest IT companies would be the ones offering the best discounts, but often smaller providers actually have more flexibility to build competitive incentive programs. Think about it – when you work with a small provider, your sales represent a larger portion of their total revenue than they would for a larger provider. So when a smaller IT partner says you’re a valuable part of their success, they really mean it, and may provide better discounts as a result.

5.  Competitive commissions

Along the same lines, your partner should be willing to reward you for referral business, whether you refer one client a month or one client over the life of your business. Be sure to ask prospective partner companies for details on how they qualify and pay for referrals and any restrictions on referral deals. You never know when the perfect referral opportunity will come along, and knowing the rules will not only help you choose the right partner but add revenue through qualified referrals.

Join the Codero Partner Program

As you may have suspected, our partner program offers all of these benefits along with the 24/7/365 support you should expect from any IT partner. We’ve done an extensive amount of research to build a program that truly benefits our partners, and we feel confident you won’t find a more flexible, high-touch program in the industry.

If you want to learn more, you can start by visiting our partner program page or, better still, reach out to me directly at griffinl@codero.com. I’m here to be your point person as we work together to navigate the changing market and grow your business.

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