At Codero, we are SERIOUS about SUPPORT

At Codero, we believe the most important service we provide is service. We don’t mean to diminish the critical importance of quality hardware, blazing-fast processing speeds and rock-solid network reliability, those are critically important as well. But the ability to weave together and stand up solutions customized to the specific needs of the customer, coupled with on-going support to keep the customer’s systems operating and optimized, is what differentiates a well-architected IT environment from a simple collection of expensive computer gear.

Providing responsive and high-quality customer care is an operational imperative for all members of Team Codero. We want our customers to know that our support engineers are there for them around-the-clock every day of the year to answer their questions, assist them with configuration needs, and to help keep their environment optimized and running smoothly.

Our Investment in Supporting You
There is more to providing excellent customer support than simply saying you do. Codero has invested significantly to ensure that our back-office support systems and processes are state-of-the-art and designed around best practices. Additionally, we are committed to providing on-going product and system training to our support engineers, so they are continually improving their ability to support our customers. We have implemented training programs that ensure all employees complete an extensive series of training courses, customized to each team member’s specific roles and responsibilities.

Given the very serious effort and investment we have and will continue to make towards maintaining our ability to provide excellent customer support, we have decided to focus these efforts under the umbrella of a recognized mantra – a rally cry under which we could consolidate all of our support and managed service offerings. To this end, we have recently unified, expanded and simplified our support offerings under the consolidated brand name “Serious SupportSM”.

Customized Serious SupportSM Levels
Our support offerings will now be provided under one of three new tiers:

  1. Essential Serious SupportSM
  2. On-Demand Serious SupportSM
  3. Pro-Active Serious SupportSM

All tiers embody the same excellent customer service and support that our customers have come to know and expect from Codero. As always, our support engineers are available 24/7/365 via phone, email and chat to assist our customers with their systems management and troubleshooting requirements.

Essential Serious Support
Essential Serious Support is included with each Codero server for no additional charge and includes a wide range of core support entitlements including:

  • 24/7/365 access to phone, chat and email support
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 5-minute new request confirmation
  • One-hour support response
  • Comprehensive hardware and network support

Essential Serious Support gives customers a solid foundation of support from which they can add additional support options including application support, storage and back-up monitoring, and control panel installation and support on an as needed, a la carte basis. Essential Serious Support is best suited for price-conscious customers and customers who want to manage and control their own hosted environment.

On-Demand Serious Support
On-Demand Serious Support includes all the support entitlements provided with our core Essential Serious Support offering plus an extensive array of additional services such as enterprise-grade real-time monitoring, accelerated response times and the invaluable peace of mind of knowing that your IT department has 24/7/365 “on-demand” access to Codero’s comprehensive portfolio of support and managed service capabilities. On-Demand Serious Support is designed for customers looking to maintain a high level of control over their hosted environment, yet still have the ability to leverage the technical and engineering support experience Codero has acquired as an industry-leading services provider for over 26 years.

Pro-Active Serious Support
Pro-Active Serious Support includes comprehensive, “pro-active” oversight of a customer’s Codero infrastructure including all services provided with On-Demand Serious Support plus additional features including pro-active OS, WordPress, firewall and third-party installation support. Pro-Active Serious Support is intended and has been designed for mission-critical applications and infrastructure that needs to be continually monitored, maintained and optimized.

Our Serious Commitment
At Codero, we take support seriously! That’s why we consolidated our support and managed services offerings under a unified brand name – Serious Support. We recognize there is more to providing excellent customer service and support than simply saying you do. It needs to be met with investment, training and a deeply rooted organizational commitment.