Cloud Backup

Back up and protect all of your data, across all networks, systems and devices.

Codero Cloud Backup takes secure data backup to the next level with early warning security alerts, remote wipe capabilities in the event of lost or stolen devices, and advanced encryption, authentication, and compliance features

Benefits of Cloud Backup

Back up data from any device

Pay per terabyte of storage, rather than device, to secure your enterprise’s mobile devices, servers, and even bare metal system images affordably.

Get an early warning for possible infections

Codero Cloud Backup has an internal detection system, alerting you when any suspicious file additions or changes occur and allowing you to isolate ransomware, recover important data, and shut down the attack — fast.

Keep your data secure and compliant

Cloud Backup comes with triple-layer encryption, multi-factor authentication, and is compliant with HIPAA, FIPS, FINRA, SOX, GLBA, and CJIS.

Shut down threats from afar

Locate lost or stolen devices quickly with geo-location features, then delete sensitive data from those devices to stop criminals in their tracks.

Protect your business with Codero Cloud Backup

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