Codero Elastic Cloud Block Storage

The only guaranteed high-performance storage in the industry.

The ultimate in reliability and performance, Codero Elastic Cloud Block Storage enables you to select the amount of raw storage and input/output operations per second (IOPS) you need for your application. We guarantee we’ll always meet your minimum IOPS, under any condition.

Codero Elastic Cloud Block Storage Details

Codero Elastic Cloud Block Storage is offered at the block level, similar to a local hard drive on a server or PC. This means you get a raw space to create volumes in the size, speed, and format you need to meet the demands of your hosted application, now and in the future as your needs evolve.

SSD arrays for top performance and reliability: Rest easy knowing your data is backed up across an array of SSD drives that are part of fully redundant nodes with backup power and networking.
Connect to any hosting configuration: Easily add Elastic Cloud Block Storage to Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers, Smart Servers, and Codero On-Demand Hybrid Cloud™.
Customize your storage and IOPS: Pay only for what you need by picking the storage (32 GB – 2 TB) and performance level (1000 – 3000 IOPS) your applications demand. If you need more volume, you can expand your logical disk (LUN) storage in seconds.
Boost your application performance: From databases to file stores, Codero Elastic Block Storage increases application performance by offloading your storage IO tasks from your cloud or dedicated servers’ resources.

Common Use Cases for Codero Elastic Cloud Block Storage

High Performance Database and ERP / CRM Application Hosting
Analytic Applications Acceleration
Demanding Storage / IO Applications
ECommerce / Highly Transactional Applications
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Flexible Public / Private Cloud Storage

Get the high-performance elastic storage you need.

You can add the high performance and flexibility of Codero Elastic Cloud Block Storage to any hosting solution. Chat with us now to learn more.