Codero Introduces Serious Support to Simplify and Expand Its Support Offering

Codero Serious SupportCodero, a global provider of value-added cloud-based technology and hosted infrastructure solutions, announced today that it has unified, simplified and expanded its managed service and support offerings under the consolidated brand of Serious Support™.

Created to address the fact that no two production environments are exactly the same, Serious Support™ provides a highly customizable framework that enables customers to choose precisely the level of industry-certified technical support their business needs, instead of wedging them into a “one size fits all” model.

Serious Support™ allows customers to select from one of three core support frameworks, differentiated by levels of support engagement and scaling from essential bare metal support through a comprehensive proactively managed support offering, capable of meeting the budget and support requirements of any organization. Codero’s Serious Support tiers are Essential, On-Demand and Pro-Active.

Essential Serious Support provides customers with the confidence that they will have live 24/7/365 phone, email and chat access to a wide range of core support services including enterprise-grade real-time monitoring, 5-minute new online request confirmation, 1-hour support engineer response, and comprehensive hardware and network support.

Essential Serious Support gives price-conscious customers a solid bedrock of support from which they can add additional support options as they need them — including application support, storage and back-up monitoring, and control panel installation and support on an as-needed, a la carte basis. Essential Serious Support is best suited for customers who want to manage and control their own hosted environment.

On-Demand Serious Support is designed for customers looking to maintain a high level of control over their hosted environment, yet leverage the extensive engineering support experience Codero has acquired as an industry-leading service provider for over 26 years.

On-Demand Serious Support includes all services provided with Essential Serious Support plus an extensive array of additional features, such as expanded enterprise-grade real-time monitoring, accelerated response times, and the invaluable peace of mind of knowing that your IT department has 24/7/365 “on-demand” access to Codero’s comprehensive portfolio of support and managed service capabilities.

Pro-Active Serious Support provides customers an all-inclusive support experience with a fully managed 24/7/365 server administration solution. Customers that subscribe to Pro-Active Serious Support can rely on Codero’s industry-certified support team to provide comprehensive, “pro-active” oversight of their Codero infrastructure.

Pro-Active Serious Support includes all services provided with On-Demand Serious Support plus additional features including world-class pro-active server administration, security patching, operating system and application updates, and WordPress, firewall and third-party software installation and support. Pro-Active Serious Support is designed for mission-critical applications and for customers who want Codero to continually monitor, maintain and optimize their infrastructure.

Essential Serious Support is included with each Codero server at no additional cost. On-Demand Serious Support is offered at $49 per server per month. Pro-Active Serious Support is priced at $149 per server per month. Multiple server configurations and installations are eligible for pricing discounts.

View the complete matrix of support entitlements.


Bill King