Codero’s Managed Hybrid Clouds – The Way of the Future

Our President and CEO, Bill King, recently spoke with Website Planet about a number of topics including the flexibility, cost savings and scalability of hybrid multi-cloud solutions, the factors for selecting AWS or Azure, small business solutions, and our Serious Support™ commitment.

As a long-standing provider of hosting services, Codero has an experienced perspective on industry trends and customer objectives. While we provide top-of-the-line IT hosting and infrastructure services, including dedicated servers, managed private clouds, and database clusters, we believe our fundamental and most important service is SERVICE.

What ultimately sets us apart is our customer experience. Customers witness our expertise first-hand when they interact with us, whether during the sales process or when accessing post-sale support. Customers want things to run smoothly, but they also want to know that someone is watching their infrastructure and working with them to make sure their environment is stable and optimized.

Take a few minutes to read Bill’s insights and recommendations.

Bill King