Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Push-Button Failover for Seamless Business Continuity

DRaaS takes backup to the next level by replicating your entire system — including VMs, applications, sites, data and even your entire network — without the need to buy expensive physical hardware. This on-demand service provides comprehensive failover on Codero’s virtual machines, getting you back up and running within minutes of a disaster or ransomware breach.

Benefits of DRaaS

DRaaS allows you to pinpoint infected files and applications and get back online within minutes, whether you host with Codero or not.

Recover all of your data and applications:

Traditional backups are limited, protecting mostly individual files and folders. With DRaaS, you can restore anything and everything, including applications and encrypted VMs, even your entire network, in a fraction of the time as traditional methods.

Undergo as many “fire drills” as you’d like:

DRaaS allows you to plan for the worst case scenario, before it ever happens, to ensure your recovery plan is foolproof should that fateful day come.

Failover affordably and flexibly:

Pay affordable, predictable monthly fees versus upfront hardware costs or flexible “usage” fees. Codero DRaaS is priced simply and affordably on a per Terabyte basis without any other add-on fees or surcharges. Best of all, you can increase your limits easily by adding Terabytes to your account.

Get back up and running — faster:

Pinpoint breaches more quickly and set predetermined failover plans to save yourself time on recovery.

Keep your business running smoothly with DRaaS

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