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Protecting your data is not an option. It is essential. Get reliable protection and straight-forward, predictable pricing with Codero Essential Backup.

Automatically backs up your entire server

Simple, predictable pricing

Recover your data any way you need it:

Restore your entire server to a previously backed up state
Restore one specific hard drive
Tactically select which specific directory(s)file(s) to restore

Fully Managed Service

Service Setup


DAILY – Each subscribed server will have all of its local drives securely and completely backed up once per day

ONSITE – Backups are retained onsite, within the same Tier-3 data center as the customer’s server

Retention and Recovery

TWO WEEKS - Codero Essential backup will provide customers with the ability to restore a drive to a previous state, up to 2 weeks in the past.

TWO HOURS - Recovery as fast as 2 hours per 1TB Archive/Drive*

*Recovery times are estimates; actual times will be dependent upon factors such as number of restore points required, as well as the server’s local hardware, network, and I/O capabilities

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