When Does Cloud Make Sense for Your Business?


Even if you’re not an IT expert, you still have to make educated choices about the hosting and web services you use. Your business success depends on it.

Our upcoming webinar series breaks down the basics so that you can make informed and confident decisions – even if you’re an IT beginner.

In Part 1 of our Cloud 101 series, we’ll answer the question “When Does Cloud Make Sense for Your Business?”



You’ll learn:

  • Differences between basic infrastructure options (on-premise, colocated, dedicated, cloud and hybrid)
  • Benefits and use cases of dedicated servers and public and private clouds
  • What a hybrid or hybrid multi-cloud model is and how it can help you
  • Reasons to use a managed services provider
  • What to consider before migrating your data and systems to the cloud

Attendees will also receive a free, no-obligation, one-day assessment of their current IT infrastructure.