Why IT Partnership Is Vital for Modernization

It’s no secret by now that digital transformation is shaking up even the largest companies. Hybrid multi-cloud has quickly become the best way to get exactly the right mix of resources to support your company’s specific infrastructure needs. But, hybrid multi-cloud and other infrastructure models can be difficult to navigate without an expert on hand. It’s essential to your company’s survival that you choose a managed services provider to help you along the way.

Four reasons why an IT partnership is vital for modernization:

Ever-Evolving Features and Functionality Across Multiple Platforms

Your team is focused on their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. They don’t always have the time and energy to devote to managing applications or keeping their skills and knowledge up to date across all your platforms. Managed services teams are constantly investing in their employees’ ongoing education to ensure their customers are utilizing the latest and greatest technology for their needs.

Experience with a Wide Range of Implementations

In each of the last four years, around 60% of CIOs have reported skill shortages, with enterprise architecture listed as one of the three most scarce skills. There’s just no substitute for experience, and managed service providers that have architected, migrated and managed hundreds or thousands of different implementations bring many unique perspectives to the table.

Reduces Risk

Partnering with a managed services team may seem like an extra, unnecessary expense, but it’s a decision that quickly pays for itself. In recent years, 80% of companies who experience downtime said it was due to a preventable failure. With a managed services team providing proactive monitoring, these issues can be found before the failures occur. In addition, the 24/7/265 support provided can prove beneficial in the event of an emergency.

Saves Time on Daily Patching and Updates


Most organizations are so busy focusing on the basics of maintaining a stable IT platform, that they don’t get around to patching or updating their applications daily even when they should. Whether you patch and update frequently or only once in a while, a managed services provider can help. Patching takes a great deal of your team’s time, but you can offload that burden to an IT partner and leave your team free to focus on their other responsibilities.

Consider the cost value of time saved on updates, upgrades and migrations over many years. These savings become exponential when compared to the average cost of a data breach ($3.86 million) or downtime ($400,000 per hour). It’s easy to see why so many companies opt to partner with a managed services provider for these services. Whoever you choose to partner with – it’s clear that survival depends on choosing a managed services provider to help you with the daily upkeep and proactive monitoring of your systems, as well as the extensive experience they provide.

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