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Backup Solutions

How do you protect your digital assets?

Avoiding data loss and providing information assurance starts with appropriate data protection policies coupled with industry standard best practices and tools. At Codero, we provide tailored backup and disaster recovery solutions. Defend your data with a solution that matches your business and operational requirements.

Codero Essential Backup

Quick Operations

Differential backups reduce resource usage and total backup time by retaining only the changes from the last backup run resulting in more efficient system performance

Managed infrastructure

There are no additional components within the environment to maintain. This allows for easier adoption and ensures that backups are accessible if the source production environment is off-line.

Bare Metal Restore functionality

BMR provides full image restores for hardware or software related system failures

Protection at the server / host level

Flexibility to cover the machines that are critical to you

Multiple retention / recovery points maintained

Unlike systems that maintain a single backup it is possible to use a recent or older recovery point when a restore is required

Codero Enterprise Backup

Dedicated Hardware

Best suited for larger environments with multiple physical servers or virtual machines

Highly Configurable

Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly retention options

Managed and Unmanaged Offerings

Codero essential, on-demand, and proactive support tiers are available to handle management of the systems based on client and environment needs.

Full Control

Custom reporting and alerting as well as granular control of individual excluded paths on each protected service.

Codero Cloud Backup

Fast, Secure, and Easy to manage Endpoint Backup Protection

Anomaly alerting and malware prevention via file version history with easy rollbacks

Backup the Most Critical Data on Windows, Mac OS, MS Exchange, and MSSQL

Remotely service with ease from a single dashboard

Disaster Recovery as a Service powered by Infrascale

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