Our Culture

People. Passion. Purpose. These are at the very heart of Codero and embody everything we do. We believe that we can change the world— and our culture makes the difference.

We seek out bright, curious, engaging people.

Even the best strategy cannot succeed unless it’s supported by a strong culture. That’s why at Codero we live and foster a culture that encourages every individual to make a contribution every day to the enduring success of our company and our customers. We seek out bright, curious, engaging people. We support their growth, we nurture their careers, we promote new perspectives, and we position each of our employees to be the difference that changes the world.

We owe our existence to the fact that our employees identify with Codero, trust the path forward, and commit themselves to the positive development of our company. We take immense pride in knowing that the greater each individual’s sense of belonging and sense of responsibility is, the stronger Codero will be. This is the culture we’re striving to create at Codero – a culture that will be decisive for our long-term success.

And while our impact on hosting and solutions has grown over the years, our inherent values haven’t changed. Here are the principles that guide us in our daily work:


We walk the talk

Our actions set the tone for an environment of success. The principles that guide our interaction with stakeholders, the community, and each other are the backbone of what makes Codero great.

We are all involved

Everyone is expected to play a key role in the execution of Codero’s business plan. We challenge ourselves to recognize how our specific capabilities contribute to the overall success of our company.

We have unyielding integrity

We do what we say. Our effectiveness with each other and our customers grows as commitments are made and kept.

We are learners

We examine constantly, communicate actively, and adopt best practices freely. We have a passion for excellence. It is a badge of honor to say we gained something from someone else, and spread it further.

We have unwavering goals

We set aggressive but creditable goals and do what it takes to achieve them. We never confuse effort with results. We go to extraordinary lengths to delight our customers.

We are generous

We serve everyone – beyond expectation – and with appreciation in every encounter.

We seek criticism

We aspire to be our customers’ trusted advisor and strategic partner. At the same time, we ask colleagues to guide our work and challenge us to relentlessly improve.