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How Important Is Your Connectivity?

What is at stake when you have services that are not accessible?

Having an optimal and available network connection to your server is essential.  At Codero, we take care of the hardwork so you can rest easy knowing that your customers can reach your applications, services or websites.  With our dedicated server & private cloud solutions you can be sure that your infrastructure is single tenant hardware entirely dedicated to your organization and is not shared hosting.

Public Connectivity

With redundancy and excess capacity available from numerous tier one providers (NTT, CenturyLink, XO, Cogent, Zayo and others) we can ensure stable and reliable connectivity on a global scale.


Redundancy – multiple layers of redundancy at the core, from upstream demarcation through to individual environments and hosts.

Bandwidth Allocations

Hosts are provisioned with 20 or 30TB bandwidth allocations with custom rates available for bulk capacity.

Transit Capacity

We offer a baseline 1Gb service with expansion via 10G offerings.

Dual Stack

We provide IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity with BGP routed IP allocations.

Private Networking

A private network is essential and addresses both security and performance concerns that would be more prone to exist if relying on a single public interface.


Have a need for a server and external storage? A private network can remove congestion with storage by allowing the traffic to flow on a dedicated interface.


Deploying an environment with multiple hosts? Segment traffic based on public and private transport


Privileged data and services should avoid public transport when possible. Ease compliance validation by isolating traffic to a private network.

Load Balancing

When traffic to your website suddenly spikes, will your servers be ready? A load balancer spreads traffic across multiple servers. This prevents a single server from being overwhelmed with traffic. At Codero, we provide enterprise-grade and feature-rich load balancing appliances.

Common Use Cases

Routinely deployed for web traffic, database connectivity, and remote desktop services to reduce single points of failure

High Availability

Available in standalone or redundant appliance configurations

Extensive configuration options

Persistent and round-robin sessions, weighted and failover-based session handling, and custom health checks available to match application needs

Layer 4 and Layer 7

Balance traffic on the transport (TCP, UDP) or application (HTTPS, SQL, RDS) layers

High-Availability Clusters

If you’re hosting a large database, critical application, or highly complex website, you need a platform built for maximum assurance and reliability.

Multiple Network Interfaces

Available for isolated storage, management, heartbeat, and dedicated migration interface requirements

Link Aggregation and Bonding

Available for HyperV, VMWare, and Xen hypervisors.

Highly Available Pairs

Hardware firewall and load balancing appliances are available in redundant configurations with automatic failover capabilities.

Firewall Solutions

Looking for the security and peace of mind associated with protection from a hardware firewall? Check out our Serious Security options.

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