Pineland Case Study


Pineland Telephone Cooperative in Metter, Georgia, began installing high-speed fiber about 12 years ago to better serve its rural customer base. However, without drastically increasing the cost of Internet to customers, it was difficult for the coop to recoup those investments with traditional federal and state government funding being threatened.
“It takes a lot of money to deploy the networks that we deploy with not a lot of revenue opportunities to make that return back,” said Dustin Durden, General Manager of Pineland.
The coop knew it would need to add new revenue streams to make the most of its investment and continue deepening customer relationships.


Building on its long-time relationship with Codero, the coop became one of the first official members of the Codero Partner Program. As Codero began to introduce more products and services that lent themselves to resale, Pineland seized the opportunity to become an early adopter and expand its own offering to customers.

Pineland has now added multiple revenue opportunities by reselling Codero managed products and services, including disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), cloud backup, and Microsoft products including Office 365, the Azure stack, and Exchange.

“Being able to have a suite of services that you can offer those customers to build additional revenue streams really helps us to make a living,” Durden said. “If you’re not offering these suites of services that Codero offers our customers, somebody else will.”

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